The Institute Bar - 549 N 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Chili Garlic Wings
--chipotle ranch dipping sauce

House seasoned chips, chipotle ranch, lime crema, seasoned cheddar jack, salsa roja

add chicken or pork

--seasoned cheddar jack, lime crema, chipotle ranch, salsa roja

add chicken or pork

Greens Parm
--sauteed spinach, house made tomato gravy, mozz and pecorino cheese

Falafel plate
--tahini, cucumber, olives, pita, tomato 

Seasonal ingredients, pita, olives, cucumber 

Belly Fillers

Franklin Burger
--American and cheddar, balsamic onions, special sauce

--Ham, pulled pork, dijon mustard, pickles, swiss cheese on pressed roll

Old School Meatball Parm
--house made meatballs, tomato gravy, mozz and pecorino cheese

Monster Grilled Cheese
--American, Cheddar, mozz, tomato, basamic onions on texas toast

Pulled Pork
5 spice BBQ sauce, Asian slaw

Veggie Burger
--House made chick pea and mushroom patty, lto

--PIE mussels in house made tomato gravy or sauteed spinach and white wine sauce 

Chicken Florentine
--Chicken breast, sauteed spinach, tomato gravy, pecorino cheese 

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